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Consultation type                               Fee                Rebate                  Gap

Standard (up to 20 mins)                    $95.00             $41.40                   $  53.60

Extended (20 mins +)                          $155.00            $80.10                   $  74.90

Prolonged (40 mins +)                         $225.00           $118.00                  $ 107.00

Mental Health Care Plan                     $175.00            $100.20                 $  76.05

Mental Health Care Review                 $155.00           $78.55                    $ 74.80

  • Valid concession card holders receive a $15 discount

  • Children under 5 years and people over 75 years with a valid Pensioner concession card are offered bulk billing for most consultations

  • Please note, fees not settled on the day may incur a $10 administration fee

  • Please speak to reception for further information about fees or for specific consultation types, procedures and vaccines

All the doctors at Paddington Medical Centre are independent contractors and hence there may be differences in billings to other doctors in the practice. 

From 1st November 2022 our billing will be as follows:

Doctors charge a full private fee on the day of consultation on the day of consultation.

The reception staff can process the Medicare rebate on your behalf.

You will receive your rebate into your nominated bank account between 24-48 hours after payment.

Additional fees may apply for Saturday appointments various other appointment types.

For example, mental health care plans and reviews, biopsies, excisions, ECGs and iron infusions, dressings and ear syringing.

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