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75+ Year Old Annual Health Check

If you are aged 75 years or older and live in the community you may be eligible for a free annual health check-up.


The purpose of this assessment is to identify risk factors showed by an elderly patient that may require additional management.



The health check incorporates

  • A patient history

  • Any necessary physical investigations and examinations

  • An overall assessment of the patient’s health

  • An assessment of the patients;

    • Blood pressure

    • Pulse rate and rhythm

    • Medications

    • Continence

    • Immunisation status for pneumococcus, tetanus and influenza

    • Physical function (Mobility) including daily activities

    • Risk of falls and whether the patient has had a fall in the last 3 months

    • Psychological function including mood and cognition

    • Social function, including the sufficiency of any paid or unpaid help or whether the patient cares for another person

    • Dental health

    • Diet and nutrition

  • Evaluation of the patient’s willingness to make changes to their lifestyle

  • The patients need for any communities services

  • Advice and information as well as strategies to achieve these behavioural and lifestyle changes

  • A record of the health assessment, and the offer of a written report including any recommendations (for the patient and/or carer)


Please contact our friendly receptionists for further information or to arrange an appointment for your 45-49 yr old health assessment

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