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This practice started as a solo practice in the 1920s, and became a group practice in 1952. In 2007, the practice merged with Paddington Family Medical Centre, and relocated from Enoggera Terrace to the current location of 107 Latrobe Terrace, Paddington. It is now known as the “Paddington Medical Centre”. Conveniently located in inner city Brisbane, our doctors surgery is open 6 days a week and our mission is to provide the highest standard of patient care whilst incorporating a holistic approach toward diagnosis and management of illness.


Paddington Medical Centre is committed to promoting health, well-being and disease prevention in all patients, in a caring and friendly environment. We do not discriminate in the provision of excellent care and aim to treat all patients with dignity and respect.  Each Doctor operates their own medical services business at Paddington Medical Centre




Our practice operates on an appointment system. Please ring 3369 3922 to book an appointment or BOOK ONLINE. Our receptionists will make every effort to accommodate your preferred doctor and appointment time.


Emergencies will always be given priority and our reception staff will attempt to contact you if there is any unforeseen delay.


To help minimise waiting times, longer consultation times are available if required.  We encourage you to request an extended appointment if you have a number of things to discuss with your Doctor. If you are unsure whether you require a long appointment, please ask our receptionists.

If you or a family member requires an interpreter service, we can organise this for you. Please let us know when you make the appointment.


Non-Attendance Policy


We have received feedback from you that it can at times be difficult to see your doctor within one to three days. One contributor to the lack of available appointments is non-attendance. When patients do not attend appointments, or cancel with too little notice, there is no opportunity to book in patients who would benefit from this now lost appointment.

To ensure that we provide the best health care that we can in a timely manner, we request that you contact us a minimum of 2 hours prior to your appointment if you cannot attend.

Paddington Medical Centre reserves the right to charge a 'Did Not Attend' fee of $30 for standard appointment or $50 for long appointment if you fail to cancel your appointment within the requested time. This fee must be paid before a future appointment can be booked. This fee is not rebatable through Medicare. If there are any circumstances beyond your control which prevent you from cancelling your appointment with sufficient notice you should let us know as soon as possible.

This Practice's DNA Policy is intended to free up space for those who need it. An appointment missed by one patient is an appointment we could not offer to another patient in need. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.



Scripts and Referrals


Scripts and referrals are not generally provided outside of consults. Some repeat scripts may be available to request online via our website, this is a cost of $25 and is appropriate for only some medications. Doctor's have a duty of care to ensure that prescriptions are still appropriate for your ongoing care. Your doctor may request a review appointment.

When appropriate, repeat scripts can be sent as an e-script to your phone or faxed to the pharmacy of your choice. If your e-script was issued with repeats, your pharmacy will provide information about how to obtain those repeats.

Care Outside Normal Opening Hours



After hours care is provided by Hello Home Doctor . To access the after hours care, please telephone 134 100



Home Visits



Home visits are generally available for regular patients whose condition prevents them from attending the surgery. Home visits can be organised with the treating doctor and practice manager.



Telephone Access


GPS at the practice can be contacted during normal opening hours. Telehealth appointments are available to all patients of the practice, who have been seen in person in the last 12 months and who do not require physical examination. In some instances, the doctors may request an in person review. Telehealth consultations attract the same fees as in clinic appointments. In an emergency your call will always be put through to a GP



Billing Arrangements


We are a mixed billing practice. Any fees charged are payable at the time of consultation by cash, credit card or EFTPOS. Health care card, Pension Card and Seniors Card Holders may receive a $15 discount.  Children under 5 years of age and patients over 75 years with a valid pension concession card are offered bulk billing by most doctors.

Information regarding our fee structure is available in the reception area.

We have facilities to send your receipt to Medicare on your behalf, please speak to reception staff for details.

As the Doctors are independent contractors to our medical Centre, there may be differences in billings and practices to between doctors.


Reminder System


Results And Reminder System


It is important that you obtain the results of any investigations, including blood tests or imaging, that your doctor has requested. You may be notified of normal test results by text message if you have provided consent to be contacted via SMS. Alternatively, your doctor may ask you to make an appointment to discuss your results and arrange any necessary follow up.

All abnormal results will require an appointment in the clinic or by telehealth to arrange follow up. You will be contacted to arrange this. Please ensure that you keep your contact details up to date for this purpose.

Please do not assume that your test results are normal if you have not heard from us. Rarely, an abnormal result may not reach our clinic. If you have not received communication regarding your results within a reasonable time frame –usually 3-5 days from collection – please contact our reception team.

Our practice is committed to preventative care.

With your consent, we may send SMS messages for recalls and reminders to let you know when investigations, appointments 



Privacy and Access to Medical Records



Patient health information is treated in the strictest confidence and in accordance with the RACGP Code of Practice.  Patient records are secured and are only available to those who are bound by patient confidentiality. Access to your own medical records is possible in most cases. For details ask at reception.




Feedback and Complaints



Paddington Medical Centre welcomes your feedback. Please feel free to speak to your doctor or our practice manager, or alternatively you can write to us at:



Paddington Medical Centre, PO Box 269, Paddington 4064


If you are not satisfied with our response you may take your complaint further by contacting the Office of the Health Ombudsman  or by telephone 133 646



Smoking policy



This practice has a no smoking policy.





Paddington Medical Centre is a committed to quality improvement and is accredited with AGPAL (Australian General Practice Accreditation Limited).

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