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Covid 19

Don't ignore your health during the pandemic!

During the coronavirus crisis it is essential that you continue to pay attention to your other  health requirements. This pandemic and all the changes to our lives that come  with it are overwhelming and it's very easy to forget about other important health issues.

Life does go on, even in a pandemic and we must continue to care for ourselves, both physically and  emotionally. 

For example:

  • Don't ignore that skin spot that's bothering you for a while.

  • Don't ignore new lumps or bumps.

  • Don't let yourself run out of medication.

  • Please  keep up to date with regular routine blood tests.

  • Please continue regular chronic disease check ups for:
    Heart disease
    Asthma and other lung diseases
    Kidney disease
    Breast health and screening

  • Please  pay special attention to your Mental health and well-being.

The  doctors and  nurses at Paddington Medical Centre  remain committed  to caring  for our patients during this unprecedented health crisis. 

We  will continue  to remain open and to treat our patients as long as  safety and government legislation allow us to.

Please refer to some of the links below for more information about the coronavirus and how to manage the challenging times ahead.

For information about coronavirus from the  Australian government go to

Australian Department of health

For information more relevant to Queensland, go to 

Queensland Government health advice

For information about benefits and assistance, go to 

Department of social services

For user friendly and humorous advice on when to panic -

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Talking to kids about this crisis that affects us all can be difficult. Children should be informed but not fearful. Here is a guide from the ABC.

ABC guide – How to talk to kids about coronavirus.