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Aboriginal & Torres Straight Islander Annual Health Check


If you identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander you may be eligible for a free annual health check-up.


The purpose of this assessment is to identify risk factors showed by an indigenous patient that may require additional management. It is to ensure that primary health care matches their needs, and does so by aiding early detection, diagnosis and intervention for common and treatable conditions that cause early mortality and morbidity.



The health check incorporates


  • A patient history

  • Any necessary physical investigations and examinations

  • An overall assessment of the patient’s health

  • Evaluation of the patient’s willingness to make changes to their lifestyle

  • The patients need for any additional services

  • Advice and information as well as strategies to achieve these behavioural and lifestyle changes

  • A record of the health assessment, and the offer of a written report including any recommendations (for the patient and/or carer)


Please contact our friendly receptionists for further information or to arrange an appointment for your Aboriginal & Torres Straight Islander health assessment

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