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Baby Boy

Circumcision of boys up to three months old.


What is a circumcision?

Circumcision involves the removal of the foreskin from the penis, to expose the head of the penis (known as the Glans). 


Who has a circumcision?

Circumcision is performed for medical or social/cultural  reasons. 
Medical Reasons  are usually  related to a too-tight foreskin or recurrent infections.  This is more common in older boys. 
Social / cultural reasons may be associated with firmly held cultural or religious beliefs, or more to do with social trends and personal preferences.  This sort of circumcision is usually performed soon after birth - from one to four weeks old.  There are a wide range of reasons why parents choose to circumcise their sons, some deeply emotional and some more pragmatic.  Either way, it is a choice  for informed  parents to make. 


There are pros and cons to circumcising your son and the current Royal Australian College of Physicians statement acknowledges this and concludes: 

 “It is reasonable for parents to weigh the benefits and risks of circumcision and to make the decision whether or not to circumcise their sons.  When parents request a circumcision for their child the medical attendant is obliged to  provide accurate unbiased and up to date information on the risks and benefits of the procedure.  Parental choice should be respected.”  

I fully  support this and if you as parents are interested in circumcising your son, please  come and  chat to me about it. I provide professional and unbiased advice, offering  you  the  information you need to make an informed decision. 

How is a circumcision performed?


There are a number of methods available for this.  I use the Plastibell device method, which is the most commonly used method in Australia.  This  device is simply a small plastic ring that fits inside the foreskin, over the head of the penis. A string is then tied on the outside of the foreskin, so that the foreskin is compressed between the ring on the inside and the string outside.  This  gives a good  neat cosmetic appearance and the string acts to prevent any infection.  The plastic ring protects the head of the penis during the procedure.  The excess  foreskin is removed and the ring falls off of its own accord, usually about a week later. 

Is circumcision painful?


I use  two methods to make  sure the  skin of the foreskin is  completely  numb before I begin. 
Numbing cream: You are asked to coat the penis with  numbing cream two hours before the procedure. This makes the skin numb so that he will not  feel the injection of the second method - local anaesthetic,
A small injection of local anaesthetic injection  which makes the penis numb.  
After the initial anaesthetic, most babies  sleep through the rest of the procedure. 


What are the risks?

Circumcision is a simple procedure and there are few  risks associated  with it. 
Any surgical procedure carries a small risk of  either  bleeding or infection - both of  which can be easily manged. 
There is a very small risk of injury to the penis or glans during the procedure. The Plastibell reduces this risk by covering the  head of the penis. 

Is any special care required after a circumcision?

No. Other than applying a tiny bit of antiseptic ointment to the ring at each nappy change, no special care is needed.  You can bathe him and play with him as usual. 

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