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Healthy Man check

Happy Mature Man

On average Australian males die five years earlier than women.

More men than women die from heart attack, cancer, lung diseases and diabetes.  What grim  statistics, particularly as many of these conditions are preventable or treatable if diagnosed early. Why is there such a difference between the sexes?

There are of course physiological and medical reasons why some diseases affect men more than women but other causes are more of a behavioral nature.

Women have to deal with menstruation, contraception, PAP smears, pregnancy, breast health, child care etc. which exposes them to health care and makes them naturally more aware of preventative health.

 Men, on the other hand, have no official preventative health programs. Men are not exposed to health issues in the same way as women are and some take the approach ‘if it ‘aint broken – don’t fix it.’  Many men work during the day so time to attend the doctor is often a problem too.



We understand these difficulties and so I am offering men directions towards better health.
I offer specialised Men’s Health clinics or “Million-heartbeat service and oil change.”  This allows us to screen for future health risks, as well as  early  detection of any  pre-existing  un-diagnosed disease. 

​Health screening is particular important in detecting ‘silent’ disease such as:

  • Bowel cancer

  • Diabetes

  • Hypertension

  • Vascular disease

  • Prostate cancer

  • Heart disease

A Healthy Man Check takes about an hour and is done at the surgery. It includes an appointment with the practice nurse and with myself.  While you are here we will explore any current health concerns that you may have and will take the opportunity to carefully record your full personal medical history and family medical history. 

We will also discuss lifestyle issues such as exercise, diet, smoking, stress, sexual health, weight and cholesterol. The visit will include a full clinical examination, ECG ,urine analysis and blood  tests.

If you would like to attend one of these clinics, please be sure to tell the  receptionist it is for a "well-man appointment". This will ensure enough time is set aside. 

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